Other facilities

Other facilities
Users are given a special chip-bracelet at the reception desk. The bracelet opens lockers and can also be used to check the locker number in case it is forgotten by using the bracelet scanner.
Changing rooms are equipped by:

* 31 changing cabins
* 500 lockers for citizens
* 350 lockers for athletes
* 14 changing rooms for teams, coaches and technical support for clubs
* 2 changing rooms for the disabled on the reception desk level

Changing area for children

Kantrida Swimming Pools is a facility that caters for needs of mothers and children as well. As such, it is easy to find changing areas for children in the toilets next to the reception desk, near the 25m swimming pool, and near the children’s swimming pool for non-swimmers.

The fitness centre of 209 square metres with twenty various gym machines is at athletes’ disposal. And on the ground floor of the public garage, stretching over the area of 700 m² is the Blue Gym fitness club.
Fitness for athletes
Fitness for athletes overlooking the Kvarner Bay is located by the 25m swimming pool and the children's swimming pool.
24 gym machines offer possibility for quality preparations of all athletes:

* peddling ergometer
* swimming ergometer
* cycling ergometer
* running track
* steppers (elliptic and commercial)
* Leg Extension (60kg)
* Leg Curl (60 kg)
* Leg press horizontal (400 kg)
* Adductor/Abductor (90 kg)
* standing calf (120 kg)
* weights (2,5 – 30 kg)
* Swedish ladder
* Back bench
* Low pulley (100 kg)
* Lat M. (90 kg)
* Vertical, horizontal and incline/decline bench
* Pectoral machine (100 kg)
* Scott’s bench
* Arm curl (70 kg)
* Triceps press (60 kg)
* Abdomen bench
* rotary torso (60 kg)
* Tower power - Knee-bends stand
* Stick 200 cm, leaning stick and Olympic stick
* Cable cross over station KG. 50 + 50
* Mats

Fitness for visitors
On the ground floor of the public garage, on an area of 700m², there is the Blue Gym fitness club. The new centre has been designed as a place for recreational purposes, sports preparations for athletes, and kinesiotherapy (i.e. healing through movement). Exercise area, cosmetic and therapeutic area, vitamin bar and food supplements shop are at your disposal.

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