Padel training camp - Croatia

Padel training camp - Croatia

The city Porec in Croatia is not only a beautiful coastal town, in summer it is also one of the most popular vacation destinations on the peninsula of Istra. Porec is the most popular holiday resort in Istria and is frequently named the top resort in Croatia. There are over 100,000 beds available in the area, but hotels and other facilities are widely spread so the place never feels too crowded. .

Accommodation available in hotels and private apartments or villas.

4 latest generation padel courts available, open in 2021
Avilable from 8.00 to 24.00 h 

Mild climate during all year with lot of sunny hours. Padel courts can be used during all year.

About Padel

- It is played on a walled court about half a size of a tennis court.
- Padel rules are broadly the same as tennis, but you serve underarm and the walls are used to bounce off the ball like squash.
- The very easy to use racket simplify the gameIs stringless and shorter than tennis one and the balls are depressurized.


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