Ice Hockey training camp Sisak

Ice Hockey training camp Sisak
The Ice hall consists of:
  ice-skating rink 59.15m x 29.47m,
  4 changing rooms with showers,
  equipment storage,
  auditorium with 1.650 seats
  scoreboard for hockey,
  it is possible to rent skates, skating helmets and skating aids - bears.

As part of the Ice Hall there is a recreation center Zibel including  dance hall with mirrors, the size of about 80 m2 and a hall for table tennis with 4 tables, the size of about 100 m2.
The Zibel Ice Hall is about 15 minutes on foot from the center of Sisak. There are two restaurants with accommodation near the hall /about 10 minutes on foot/, Bokun and Bistro Grill.

The Ice Hall opens in September, and the ice skating season runs until the end of May or  even by mid-June if the temperatures are not high.

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