Sport camp Makarska

The grandstand of the main grass stadium has seating capacity of 1800. The area under the grandstand contains various administrative and sport club offices, 8 changing rooms with showers and toilets, ambulance room with massage service, 8 storerooms for equipment, and bowling alley with
caffe bar.
Auxiliary soccer stadium is located between the main grass stadium and the main multipurpose sports hall.
Surface of the stadium is covered with artificial grass made of environmentally friendly materials.
Size of the stadium is 95 m x 64 m. It is used by junior soccer club „Zmaj“ Makarska for their official soccer matches.
The stadium can be divided into two smaller areas separated by a movable curtain (5 m high), each equally sized 64 m x 47,5 m. These two areas can then be used for "8+1" system matches or "small/outdoor/indoor soccer" markings can be used on each area.
The stadium is also equipped with ligthing.

The main sports hall is equipped and used for all indoor sports. It is 20 x 40 m in size. The capacity of seating area is 1050, with possibility of additional 500 seats for non sport purposes (i.e. concerts and similar activities). The hall is airconditioned.
Auxiliary sports hall contains 450 m2 sports hall , 120 m2 gym,  2 equipment rooms, and 2 changing rooms. This object, separate from the main multipurpose hall, is pirmarily used for trainings and sport recreation.
Multipurpose hall is 272 m2 in size, and is used for meetings, conferences, presentations, press centres and other events. The hall is airconditioned.
Gym occupies 185 m2. Quality equipment is available for professional and recreational purposes. The gym is airconditioned.
The 4 lane bowling alley is located under the grandstand of the main stadium. The caffe bar is next to the bowling alley.
Martial arts and boxing hall is 310 m2 in size. It has quality equipment, and it is airconditioned.

Athletic tartan track is located at the main grass stadium.It has 6 lanes, and in front of the seating area it has 8 lanes. Available are all sports equipment for athletic training and competitions.

There is one large swimming pool 33 x 25 m, 2.3 m deep, and a smaller pool of 25 x 5,5 m, 1,25 m deep. The larger pool has 8 lanes, 25 m long and is available for waterpolo, swimming, and diving. The capacity of seating area is 460.

Two tennis courts with red clay surface and lighting are used for trainings, sport recreation and competitions.

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