Sport Camp Medjugorje

Sport Camp Medjugorje
SPORT CENTER Medjugorje opened its doors in the year 2000. It is a part of Circle international group. Originally designed as a small recreational center with just one football field, it grew to be a large, modern sport and recreational center. It covers an area larger than 100.000 m2 and offers facilities for both professional athletes and recreational sportsmen. We are proud to offer world class sport, health and relaxation facilities and we invite you to come and discover yourself.

Football fields of Sport Center are top quality and are regulary maintained through out the year. These are the available fields:
* Field A1 : Natural Grass-
( dim 118 x 78,50 m), main field
* Field A2 : Natural Grass -
( dim 110 x 73 m), large field
* Field A3 : Natural Grass -
( dim 45 x 38 m), auxiliary field
* Field A4 : Natural Grass -
( dim 40 x 33 m), auxiliary field
* Field A5 : Natural Grass -
( dim 75 x 50 m), auxiliary field
* Field A6 : Artificial Grass -
( dim 105,5 x 72,5 m)

Halls in the Sport Center allow for sport activities during bad weather days. They can be used by both professional and recreational athletes.
* Hall A7 : Artificial grass ( dim 40 x 20 m )
* Hall A8 : PVC floor ( dim 50 x 25 m)
- suitable for volleyball, handball, football or basketball

Sport Center houses four swimming pools:
* Winter swimming pool, max. 50 person
* Childrens swimming pool (dim 10 x 6 m), max. 50 person
* Large swimming pooI ( dim 25 x 14m ), depth 2,40 m, for swimming, waterpolo and other sports, max. 300 person
* Large swimming pool, depth 1,20 i 2,40 m, recreational pool with water slide, max. 400 person

Tennis Courts of Sport Center are top quality earth courts. With spectator stands and a full set of accessories, these courts are perfect for organization of tennis tournaments and for every professional or recreational tennis player.
Sports Center houses 3 courts of standard dimensions 24 x 11

two Beach Volleyball courts in standard dimensionsare perfect for fun and competitions in this exciting sport.

Our Gym is equipped with the latest in fitness technology. An aerobic hall is houses rowing machines, treadmills, bicycles and steppers.
A large selection of strenght and muscle building equipment together with a huge array of lifting weights guarantees a great training session.
Finnish sauna is perfect for relaxation after a good training. The sauna in Sport Center accepts 6 person max.
Two modern tanning beds - one horizontal and one standing are at your disposal. Hydro massage tub for 8 person is ideal for relaxation. You can also receive a professional sports massage in Sport Center

The quality of services is guaranteed by the clubs and national teams that had their preps in our Sport Center: National Soccer team of Bosnia and Herzegovina; FK Dinamo, Zagreb; FK Hajduk, Split; FK Željezničar, Sarajevo; FK Sarajevo, Sarajevo; FK Rijeka, Rijeka; FK Zagreb, Zagreb; FK Hrvatski Dragovoljac; FK Kamaz, Rusija; FK Osijek and many other athletes, clubs and sport schools.

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