Accommodation Verona Cup

Accommodation Verona Cup
For the Verona Cup live all teams with coaches, managers and players at the 5-star Camping Bella Italia. This well-known campsite offers a variety of accommodation and a wide range of facilities such as swimming pools, ball fields, restaurants, etc., and with its good atmosphere it is a popular choice. That all participants live together provide safe and good opportunities to do a lot of fun activities and create new relationships across the teams in one single place

Camping Bella Italia has been a popular place for our guests for many years and it is not without reason. Bella Italia has many exciting and good facilities, including swimming pools, ball courts, restaurants, games rooms, mini market, public places where disco evenings, etc. There are lots of opportunities for activities and fun entertainment options for players of all ages.

The campsite is a very well-kept place with only a 10 minute walk to the pleasant town of Peschiera del Garda, where there is a good opportunity to shop or just stroll around. At Bella Italia there are different types of accommodations, where you can choose between living in an apartment, bungalow or mobile home – so there is always a good opportunity to find something that suits your needs and wishes. Travelling parents / relatives can also be accommodated in the 5-star Hotel Bella Italia.


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