Football camp Porec

  • Porec football Training camp
Football camp Porec
Tourist settlement Laguna has four grass football fields with dimensions 65x105 m, one of which is with artificial turf. There is also a polygon for training goalkeepers (with sand ground) with dimensions 37x45 m, as well as locker rooms and toilet facilities for players.

Three fields are illuminated, and all four fields are only 300 m distant from two polyvalent sport halls at the Intersport center. The surface of the larger hall is 44x35 m, the size of the smaller hall is 44x24 m, and the height is 7,5 m, halls are heated, with a parquet, and the larger hall has the stands with 800 seats. They are equipped for the following sports: indoor football, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, rhythmical gymnastics, fencing, wrestling sports, and squashThey are equipped for playing indoor football and numerous indoor sports. In close proximity are comfortable hotels with contents guaranteeing quality preparations and stay of sportsmen.


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