Athletics camp Zadar - Croatia

Athletics camp Zadar - Croatia
Athletics clubs Zadar offers all facilities for quality trainings in city of Zadar. Assistance of local athletics experts.
Available facilities: 6 x running tracks, hurdles, javelin, shot put, long jump, high jump, pole vault

Hostel has a capacity of 99 beds, located 5-10 min walk from athletics stadium. We have 8 modern private Hotel style bedrooms with private bathrooms (6 of them are inside the room, 2 are also private but are situated just outside of the room). 6 of the private rooms are 2+1 (children under the age of 5 will not be charged), the other 2 are for 2 persons.The other rooms are Hostel style rooms, all of them layed out for a perfect combination of privacy and socializing, suited for every preference.

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