AGE 15 and under
Location: Športsko rekreacijski centar SISAK, Trg grada Heidenheima 1, / Gradski bazen (50m),

44 000 Sisak, CROATIA
Date:   November  16th and  17th 2020

Age Groups:                   Age Group 15 and under , 2004 and under
Particiants:                     Clubs and/or national teams
AG 15 and under:         Figures, Free Combination:  100%
                                   Solo, Duet, Mixed Duet, Team: 100% figures + 100% routine
Ranking:                         International  ranking
Rules:                              According to FINA rules
Rules Exceptions:          SSAG 2.2. For this competition
                                     Age Group 15 is defined as 15 and younger
                                     SS 4.4.: Free Combination can have five (5) to ten (10) competitors in  
                                     the team.
Figures                         Age Group 15 and under according to the FINA Rules
Free Routines               Solo          Duet         Team           Combination
                                     2:15        2:45          3:30              3:30                            Minutes
Prices and Medals:      Cup:  First, secend and third place
                                      Medals: First, secend and third place
                                       Certificates: first 10 of Figures, first 5 of Duet & Solo, first 3 of
                                     Team  & Combo
Music:                           We kindly ask you to send your music until  November 5th,2019


Entries:                          Preliminary  entry:  1th August  -   October 15th  2020
                                     Final  entry:  October 31th 2020
Please send to:              Synchronized swimming club SISAK ,
Judges:                           Each federation/ club shall nominate:
                                     Minimum 1 judge for maximum 6 participating swimmers
                                     Minimum 2 judges for 7-15 participating swimmers
                                     Minimum 3 judge for maximum 16 participating swimmers or more
In case the clubs/federation will not nominate the above mentioned judges the organizer reserve the right to as kup to 30- Euro/judge to invite independent judges.
Entery fee:              
Date of payment:
                    October 15th  & BEFORE     12.00 Euro  per Participant ,  8.00 Euro Figures only
                    October 31th  & AFTER     15.00 Euro  per Participant ,  10.00 Euro Figures only

The first admission of the club outside Croatia does not pay the starting amount for the competition !
The organizier reserves the right to limit the number of swimmers in order of registration to meet the competition time.

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