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Handball Tournament Zagreb 2018

Handball Tournament Zagreb 2018


June, Zagreb, Croatia.
·The tournament is open to Junior Men/women from year of birth 2000 and younger,2002 and younger and 2004 and younger.
·All players should possess and present some identifying document (identity card, passport).
·Each team is guaranteed at least 5 games.
·Schedule will be sent to you at least on June 1st, 2018
·Each team is guaranteed some free beverages and sandwiches during the tournament, between games, near the playground.
·There are also prizes for the best teams and players, goalkeepers, trainers and scorers.

· The registration fee is 120 EURO a

If You cancel Your registration before May 15 th 2016. we will refund You full registration fee.
If You cancel, after May 15 th 2018 we will refund 40% of Your registration fee.

B - H O S T E L
Youth hostel "GRAD MLADIH", Granešina bb, Zagreb.
· Prices are in EUROS and per person/night.
1. - Full pension 38,00 EUR
2. - Half pension 34,50 EUR
3. - Night with breakfast 30,00 EUR
· multi-bed rooms, recently renovated pavilions, each room has its own toilette. Lunch packages are possible.

C - H O T E L
· Hotel with 2 stars, placed on south enter of Zagreb, with very easy transfer to the sport hall where tournament takes place. Large parking
for buses. Three bed rooms.
· Prices are in EUROS and per person/night.
1. - Full pension 47,50 EUR
2. - Half pension 42,00 EUR
3. - Night with breakfast 37,00 EUR

Teams who decide to take accommodation and food through tournament organizer have to all the application form with data on what kind of accommodation they wish and with number of people needed.

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