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General Rules

• Games will be played according to FIBA rules
• Games will be officiated by two referees
• Before every game, coaches and players must present a valid identification document
• In case of a tie between two teams, the classification will be prepared according to the score of the game between this two teams
• In case of a tie among three or more teams, the classification will be prepared according to these rules:
o Points difference (points scored – points received) considering only the games among the interested teams
o In case of a tie among three or more teams after this calculation, the classification will be prepared according to the points difference related to all the games in the group
• In the event that both teams have the same colour of jersey, the first appointed team must replace it with jersey of another colour
• If the team for unjustified reasons, is late more than 15 minutes or does not come to the match, it loos the match with result 0:21.

• The minimum number of person is 10 per team
• Tournament participants must have an orderly international health and accident insurance as the organizer does not assume any costs of treatment
• All participants take part in an event at their own risk. Organizer does not take responsibility for unforeseen events before, during and after the completion of the tournament.
• Transportation in the cities hosting the tournament is at charge of the participants

• The team is registered officially after receiving a written confirmation from the organizer
• Last term for registration is 10th May 2017

• Amount of 50 € per player must be payed at the time of application for participation
• Rest of the amount per player must be payed before 10 th March 2017
• In case of cancellation the organizer holds the right to keep the amounts as indicated below:
o 40 days before the event 30% of the total amount
o 21 days before the event 50% of the total amount
o 14 days before the event 75% of the total amount
o 7-0 days before the event 100% of the total amount

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