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Athletics camp Rijeka

Athletics camp Rijeka
The Athletic Hall Kantrida - Rijeka provides athletes with excellent conditions for training

Brand new athletic complex in Rijeka consists of athletic halls, athletic club and connecting structures - bridge, and administration building connected to a functional unit for athletic training and other sports.

Multi-purpose sports hall is primarily intended for training of athletic teams and organized indoor sports competitions in athletics and recreational activities such as handball, basketball, tennis, sport climbing, aerobics, dance, etc.

Athletes have the opportunity to train throughout the year.

In the administration building are located 4 dressing rooms for athletes and a smaller one for sports coaches. All dressing rooms are equipped with separate toilet facilities.
In the second basement floor is a separate dressing room for sports climbers and a hall with fitness facilities.
In the first basement floor are located additional four dressing rooms for athletes and persons engaged in recreation.

Sports Palace is provided with the access for people with disabilities, and consists of separate parking places, elevators and ramps, separate dressing room and adapted toilets.

The main ground floor is covered with tartan athletic elastic substrates adequate for racing , jumping and throwing athletic discipline.
There are 8 race tracks, length of 60 meters each, area for triple jump and long jump and the skok u vis, skok s motkom i bacačke discipline.
On the northern side of the hall is a gallery with telescopic bleachers with a capacity of 330 places plus extra 80 standing places, and spaces for the entry of visitors, with toilet facilities.

Above the ground floor are two smaller meeting rooms designed for aerobics and dance.There is a Gym for sports climber with an artificial rock with 17 lines , each 12 meters high. It is the largest indoor man-made rock in Croatia.

Athletic Hall in figures
Sport area ( net m²):
* Main parade ground 2174 m²
* Space for recreation, 192 m²
* Hall for sport climbing 57 m²

The surfaces of other objects:
* Administration building /Athletic Club 382 m²
* Connecting bridge / hot connection 74 m²
* Cafe terrace + 100m ² + 53 m²
* 135 m² fitness area
* Public staircase 398 m²

The total number of dressing rooms:
* Dressing rooms for athletes (4 areas of 30m ² each) 120m ²
* Coaches' dressing room 10 m²
* Dressing rooms for other users (4 areas of 45 m² each) 180 m²
* Dressing room for sports climbers 34 m²
* Dressing room for people with disabilities 17 m²

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